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Matt Mitchell is a native New Mexican who creates beautiful and unique fetish jewelry. (He has many talents and is also a master falconer). This hummingbird fetish necklace is especially unique. The fetishes are a composite of two natural stones---spiny oyster and turquoise. These stones individually are used extensively in Native American jewelry, so it is wonderful to see these stones merged together. The colors are gorgeous and there are copper veins running throughout. Heishi is turquoise.


A true collector's item!


Each necklace is individually hand-made and may vary slightly from the photograph, but your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  • 13 fetish hummingbirds
  • Each bird is approximately 1'' wide
  • 28'' overall length
  • Necklace drop length when worn is 14''
  • Sterling silver beaks, cone & clasp

Hand-Carved Hummingbird Spiny Oyster Turquoise Fetish Necklace by Matt Mitchell