A stunning Zuni inlay set of hummingbird earrings made by Ruddell and Nancy Laconsello. The Laconsellos are a husband and wife team and their works is some of the best inlay work done by the Zunis. In particular, their birds are exquisite in their detail. The feather and small details are just perfect. There are many fine Zuni artists who do birds, but I personally think the Laconsellos do the best birds.


The price of silver has climbed dramatically and all prices for silver jewelry are going up. I have seen Laconsello pieces steadily increase in value, but also cost, so this is a great time to buy a piece at the old prices. 


  • The earrings are signed "Zuni" and "RN Laconsello" "sterling" on the back. 
  • Each earring is approximately 1" in diameter, about the size of a quarter.
  • Sterling silver with turquoise, shell and jet details.

Zuni inlay hummingbird earrings by Ruddell and Nancy Laconsello