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This ingenious pitcher is great for making hummingbird or oriole nectar. All you do is slide the paddle into a slot (one for hummingbird nectar or the other for oriole nectar), add sugar to one side and water to the other side at the same level. No measuring required! It is a self-measuring device. It makes hummingbird nectar at a 4:1 ratio and oriole nectar at a 5:1 ratio. Once you take the paddle out, you use it to stir the sugar into the water and mix until the sugar is dissolved.


We love this item! It's a pitcher, mixer, measurer, funnel and storage container all in one. A totally foolproof way to make nectar.


Includes complete easy instructions.

Holds 48 oz.

Easy to Make Hummingbird Nectar Pitcher

Only 4 left in stock
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