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Aspects is a company that makes superior bird feeding products. This saucer style square hummingbird feeder has some great features.


Watch hummingbirds rest and feed from the HighView perch for easy, unobstructed viewing of your hummingbirds. Attractive square hummingbird feeder with red plastic top and clear plastic basin for viewing your nectar levels. There's an ant moat in the center with built-in overflow protection and the option to add nectar guard tips to keep out flying insects. Four feeding ports with 8 oz. capacity. Feeder measures 7 inches square and 8 inches tall with the haner. 

-8 oz. capacity with 4 feeding stations
-Attract hummingbirds, with easy viewing for you
-Fill ant moat with water to keep out crawling insects
-Easy to clean & fill, without leaking
-Made in the USA

HummZinger Square 8 oz Feeder by Aspects

Only 2 left in stock
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