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Lisa and Scott Cylinder are talented husband and wife jewelry designers. They make sophisticated, intelligent and fun jewelry. We are delighted to carry their jewelry. They have developed a unique patination process that enables them to get rich colors and finishes on their work. They use silver and gold leaf to accent and detail many of their pieces. Colored silver leafs and luminous mica powders are also used, plus bright, semi-transparent enamel paint over raw brass and plated elements. All jewelry that is not finished in a colorful patina has been either silver or 24-karat gold plated. The jewelry pieces have moving parts and this kinetic quality adds to the jewelry's charm and character.


This cute ladybug pin is made from a red checker piece with black painted accents. Blue/black patina with white painted eyes. Hand-sharpened pin back is super strong. Can be worn as a choker with choker converter necklace which we sell.


2'' tall x 1¾'' wide

Ladybug Pin by Chickenscratch

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$47.48Sale Price
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