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We have found a delightful purveyor of lovely body and bath products---The English Soap Company.


The Merry Christmas Guest Soaps contain three mini heart-shaped soap bars, delicately wrapped inside a beautifully packaged gift box. Due to their dainty size, the Merry Christmas Guest Soaps are the perfect little gift, token present or stocking stuffer for a special someone. Ideal for basins, table decoration or for taking on the go.


The Merry Christmas Guest Soaps has a greenery fragrance with notes of jasmine, rose, lily, violet and muguet with base notes of amber and musk. Enriched with moisturising shea butter and vegetable glycerine, these soaps will help to keep skin feeling soft and cared for.


 Luxury Guest Soaps 3x 20g

Merry Christmas Luxury Soaps - Box of 3

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