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A woodpecker with ornament (red of course!) by Vicki Sawyer. Vicki Sawyer is an artist well-known for her wonderful artwork of birds wearing hats. Her theory was "if birds can make nests, they can wear hats". She continues to delight us with new designs including this one of a woodpecker with Christmas ornament.


  • Package of 20 luxury cocktail napkins printed in Germany
  • Napkins are 3 ply tissue from recycled pulp
  • Printed with non toxic, water soluble inks
  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Cocktail size: 5'' square
  • Pack comes wrapped in cellophane
  • Artwork by Vicki Sawyer is entitled Franklin.

Woodpecker with Ornament Beverage Napkins by Vicki Sawyer

$5.75 Regular Price
$4.60Sale Price
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