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If Birds Wore Shoes

If birds wore shoes, they would look like Rudi Hurzlmeier’s birds. Imagine the market. Billions of birds buying billions and billions of shoes.


Of course, if insects were as large as this one, we’d all be in trouble.


Bird shoes would also require bird socks, another huge market.


High heels might make a comeback and bird anthropologists would, as human anthropologists have, investigate whether such shoes are a sign by females of submission to males. The human anthropologists who derived that theory were men, of course.


Yes, we know. These Rudi Hurzlmeier cards, which we gleefully sell, anthropomorphize birds. We don't care. We love them and they make us chuckle.

Sadly, the company that produces these cards is discontinuing many of these wonderful images, so we encourage you to get them while we still have them available.


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